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Google is not the map

The World is my Assumption

"The world is my idea": this is a truth which holds good for everything that lives and knows, though man alone can bring it into reflective and abstract consciousness.
Arthur Schopenhauer from "The world as will and representation

Since ancient times cartography has been used to describe the world as a geometric ensemble of measurable points, lines, areas and data-labels on a plane.

While the world slowly fades away in an increasingly multiplication of self-representations, the mapmaking process - missing its real reference - becomes nothing more than an empty-meaning abstract practice: so, what do all those maps stand now for?

In order to disclose this contradiction - or just to give a paradoxical point of view about it - the imaginary art-group Les Liens Invisibles has explored the world along its self-referential techno-linguistic layers, moving through its hidden mechanisms and forcing the grammar of its public-released API code.

Comissioned by LX 2.0 - a project by Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea and curated by Luis Silva - Google Is Not The Map (GISNTM) is a collection of 35+ GeoPoeMaps, a series of works in which ordinary maps become the unusual surfaces used to disarticulate perception of the world, to trace new routes accross the boundaries and to draw new imaginary geometries of the possible.